To put it simply, we love finding out what makes people tick.

Sandra and Kylie, the founders of Regional Insights Australia (RIA) share a passion for helping businesses utilise customer and market intelligence to drive improvements and growth. With their combined passion, Regional Insights Australia was established as a market research agency to support businesses, primarily in regional areas, to obtain greater insight into consumer needs, perceptions, expectations and trends for the future.

How we can help you?

  • understand your customers
  • customer segmentation
  • usage attitudes and needs assessments
  • customer satisfaction
  • define your customer experience
  • identify business improvement opportunities
  • customer journey mapping
  • customer profitability analysis
  • market assessment and sizing
  • product development
  • new market identification
  • product/service testing
  • brand health assessment
  • marketing and customer metrics
  • data audits
  • data collection & management strategies
  • customer relationship
  • management strategies

Our Sevices

Regional Insights Australia can support businesses through the provision of the following services:

  • primary market research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • population statistics and future projections
  • demographic and consumer trends
  • customer analytics – utilising customer data to gain greater insight into consumer behaviour
  • development of customer management strategies and action plans to help businesses
  • acquire new customers, retain existing, and nurture and grow the value of relationships
  • data management strategies and business process improvement


Primary market research allows you to see your business through your customers’ eyes. Depending on your research needs, RIA conducts qualitative and quantitative research to ensure you have an honest view of perceptions and expectations from the customer viewpoint.

In addition, our team excels in drawing insights from secondary research; our comprehensive reviews of secondary market and customer intelligence help ensure any primary research we undertake is both focused and cost effective.


Your existing customers are normally those people who know you best and can be your guiding light. Many businesses today collect a lot of data – more than ever before – but find it a challenge to know how to use it effectively. At RIA, we work with you to access, consolidate and draw insights from your existing customer data to help grow your business.


Our overall aim is to help businesses proactively and profitably manage their customer relationships. We use customer analytics and market research to help you acquire more customers, retain your existing customers, and nurture and grow the value of those relationships through relevant up-sell and cross-selling strategies.

Our expertise in business process improvement and change management ensure these strategies are embedded in your operations to deliver meaningful and measurable results.

Experience (CX)

Customer perception of their experience with your business is your reality. Customer experience is more than a single service point; it is the look, feel, sound and service of your business. At RIA, we can help improve your customers’ experience by mapping your customer touchpoints, understanding the current experience, and identifying improvement opportunities that aim to build customer loyalty and turn your customers into advocates for your business.

Product & Market

Do you have a new product or service idea but not sure if it will fly? We can help you assess and further develop your idea through data analysis, market research and customer insights.

Wanting to grow your current market? RIA can work with you to identify new customer segments, strategic product opportunities or new markets using market research and data analysis.

Data Audits

We love data! We can assess the quality of your existing customer data and help you develop strategies to clean your data, or collect new relevant information from your customers that will help you understand who they are and tailor your services to grow your business.


Reports to download will be available soon.

Need something more targeted?
Contact us as we have a range of reports available.


Meet the team that asks the questions you need answered. Our strength lies in the combined skills and talents of every individual at Regional Insights Australia.


Founder and Director

Sandra Hollins

Founder and Director

Sandra loves making sense of data! Throughout her 25+ year career, Sandra’s expertise lies in utilising customer and market intelligence to develop corporate and marketing strategies, develop new products and services, drive customer-centric business processes, improve customer experience and help businesses maximise the value of their data.

After many years working in large corporate organisations covering a broad range of industries, Sandra started RIA to help regional businesses access the insights and intelligence they need to stay competitive and ensure a sustainable future.


Founder and Director

Kylie Jones

Founder and Director

Kylie loves uncovering insights from research!

Kylie brings to the team a mix of skills in marketing strategy, communications, market analysis and assessments, and both qualitative and quantitative research projects built over 25 years’ experience across non-profit, education, government and consultancy.

Kylie’s reason for starting RIA was to ensure that regional voices get a say when it comes to important issues.



Shari Armanno


Shari loves to find out what makes people tick!

Shari loves to solve problems by asking the right questions to understand peoples’ needs and expectations. After eight years in customer service roles, in her own business and in financial services, Shari embarked on her dream to study Psychology.

Shari has lived and worked on the Mid North Coast for over 15 years and brings a strong understanding of this region to the RIA team.

Shari joins RIA with a passion for research and help regional businesses push the boundaries of their customer knowledge to ensure a greater connection with their customers.

We are always on the lookout for people from all walks of life.

If you would like to assist us with research then please click on the ‘register now’ button below and fill in your details.

We currently have research surveys open on:

  • Medical Services
  • Aged Care
  • Media Consumption

Some of our surveys provide respondents with the chance to win cash and vouchers for participating.

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Our team thrives on your business problems, so we love nothing more than the challenge to find solutions through research. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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Privacy Policy

Regional Insights Australia (ABN 80483879124) is committed to protecting an individual’s privacy. We comply with the Code of Professional Behaviour of the Market and Social Research Society of Australia ( and the Australian Privacy Principles which govern the way organisations collect, use, protect and disclose personal information.

What is personal information?

The Privacy Act defines personal information as “information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.”

Examples of personal information include:

What personal information does Regional Insights Australia collect?

Regional Insights Australia collects personal information for market and social research purposes only. All research responses are de-identified unless prior consent has been obtained from the individual.

At times we will obtain personal information about people from publicly available sources such as the telephone directory or we are provided information from our clients. We utilise data from third parties or clients on the basis that it has been collected in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. This information is used only for research and analytical purposes.

Participation in market research is voluntary and we respect the rights of individuals to withhold information and to withdraw from the research at any point in time.

What information does Regional Insights Australia hold?

Client supplied data will be deleted within six months of completion of the project.

Information collected as part of market research is anonymous unless consent has been obtained from the individual prior to the start of any research project.

Where information is not anonymous at the point of collection, the individual will be informed of how the information will be used prior to commencing the survey; and they will have the opportunity to ‘opt out’ at any point during the survey. On completion of the project, the responses will be de-identified within three months of the project end date.

For individuals who have provided explicit approval (opt in) to be part of Regional Insights Australia research panel we will securely store and maintain the following information:

How does Regional Insights Australia use personal information?

Personal information is only used for research and analytical purposes.

Personal information stored on members of our research panel will be used to contact individuals to invite participation in telephone, online or face to face research. All participation is voluntary and individuals on the panel can opt out at any time.

Disclosure of personal information

We will only use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of conducting our research and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will not disclose your personal information for the purpose of advertising, promotions, direct marketing or sales related activities.

How can I access or delete my personal information?

As set out in the Australian Privacy Principles, you may request access to, or deletion of any personal information held by Regional Insights Australia. Please email your request to

Enquiries and complaints

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or concerns regarding how we manage your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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